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About Us

Who We Are

Our company is a team of enthusiasts who first came together in 2014. Since then, we have been collaboratively executing various network projects. With a background in engineering, we bring a deeper meaning and precision to our actions.

What sets us apart is not just our skills but above all, our shared passion. We love working on network projects and what we do, brings us immense pleasure. We are known for our professionalism, accuracy, and the ability to deliver projects.

Our work is not just a duty; it is also a way to continually develop and expand our knowledge. We are passionate about technological nuances and constantly strive to delve into these areas.

Operating as a cohesive team allows us to collaborate effectively and achieve exceptional results. Our longstanding history attests to our commitment and determination in project execution. We consistently track the latest trends and innovations to ensure our projects are carried out at the highest level. For us, technology is not just a job, it is a true passion and a way to life.

We are:




Why We Were Created

LOOPUS company was established in response to the challenges faced by representatives of many companies. These companies had commercial resources but struggled to create a sufficiently experienced technical structure. They lacked the necessary engineering experience and know-how or simply didn’t have available technical resources.

In situations where these difficulties arise, we act as a team, combining forces with partners to effectively execute projects. Through this approach, we strengthen our collaboration with partners and build mutual trust.

Trust, collaboration, and operating according to the WIN-WIN business model are paramount values for us, guiding our actions from the very beginning of our business.

Every project we undertake is executed at 110%. If our business partner or client has any reservations about the services provided, we promptly address them to ensure customer satisfaction.

What are our competencies?


We are the only Authorized Huawei Partner in Poland holding the status of a Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP), specifically known as HALP (Huawei Authorized Learning Partner). The other two authorized training centers belong to Huawei solution distributors.


As the sole HALP in Poland, we have instructors with credentials to conduct the most advanced technical training in the field of IP networking and Storage. The certifications are titled 'HCIE Datacom Instructor' and 'HCIE Storage Instructor'.


Within our company structure, three individuals hold the highest Huawei certifications – Huawei Certified ICT Expert.


We are a Certified Service Partner (CSP), holding a 5-star status in the support of networking solutions and a 4-star status in the support of storage solutions. Data from Huawei as of 3. January 2019, indicates that this is currently the highest status for a Huawei service partner in Poland. Aside from us, there are only 2 other companies, including 1 Huawei distributor, with such a status.


Our team has gathered experience over several years in the IT sector. Some of our engineers have been associated with the telecommunications industry since 2005, and we have been working with Huawei devices since 2008. The knowledge and experience we possess stem from numerous projects, ranging from small to large and very large nationwide projects. These projects were executed for both telecommunications clients and enterprise market clients. The projects we've been involved in were implemented in Poland and beyond. The scope of the projects included design, configuration, installation, deployment, testing, and the creation of various types of documentation (Technical Concept, Technical Project, As-Built Documentation).

Huawei Authorized Learning Partner – HALP

As part of our activities, we have entered into an agreement with Huawei Poland, based on which Loopus has gained the status of an Authorized Learning Partner (Huawei Authorized Learning Partner – HALP).

Within our structure, we have individuals certified as HCIE R&S Instructors, allowing us to conduct training at the highest expert level in the field of IP networking and Storage solutions.

Obtaining HALP status enables us to conduct technical training authorized by Huawei.

You can view the full list of training courses HERE.