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Huawei Certified ICT Professional – Datacom – Core Technology V1.0
(HCIP Datacom – Core Technology V1.0)


Duration: 80 hours (10 days)

Price: 4500 EUR netto

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Szkolenia Huawei Rafał Górski

Rafał Górski

Training Description:

What will you learn?

Upon completing the HCIP Datacom – Core Technology training, participants will gain essential knowledge covering the basic configuration of routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP. Additionally, topics related to traffic control, route propagation control, and Ethernet switching technologies will be discussed.

The training will also cover multicast networks, IPv6, enhancing network security, improving network and service reliability, and managing networks, as well as configuring simple WLAN networks.

Who is the training intended for?

The HCIP Datacom – Core Technology training is designed for technical personnel, network administrators, individuals from the network maintenance department, or those who already have basic knowledge of network device operations and wish to deepen their knowledge in this area.

It is beneficial to have a solid foundation of knowledge from HCIA Datacom.

What are the requirements?

The basic requirement is to have fundamental knowledge of network device technologies and operations. Knowledge from HCIA Datacom is certainly helpful.

Apart from that, a strong willingness to expand knowledge is a crucial requirement. No other requirements are anticipated.

What is the level of this training?

🟡🟡⚪ Intermediate to Advanced

How many days does the training last?

HCIP Datacom – Core Technology training is proceed in 10 days. In total, it is approximately 80 hours of training.

What is the cost of the training?

The cost of HCIP Datacom – Core Technology training is 4500.00 EUR net per person participating in the training.

What exam can I take after the training?

The HCIP Datacom – Core Technology training prepares you for the Huawei H12-821 exams. The H12-812 exam is one of the key exams in the Datacom track, as it is required to obtain the following certifications:

  • HCIP Datacom – Advanced Routing and Switching Technology,
  • HCIP Datacom – Network Automation Developer,
  • HCIP Datacom – Campus Network Planning and Deployment,
  • HCIP Datacom – SD-WAN Planning and Deployment,
  • HCIP Datacom – Enterprise Network Solution Design,
  • HCIP Datacom – WAN Planning and Deployment.

Detailed training schedule:

DayTraining Program
Day 1Introduction to Network Devices
Basics of IP Routing
Basics of OSPF Protocol
Route Determination in OSPF
Special Areas in OSPF and Other Functionalities
Day 2[Lab] Basic Functionalities of OSPF Protocol
Implementation and Configuration of IS-IS Protocol
[Lab] Basic Functionalities of IS-IS Protocol
Day 3Basics of BGP Protocol
Attributes of Paths in BGP
Route Reflectors in BGP
Best Path Selection Mechanism in BGP
[Lab] Basic Functionalities of BGP Protocol
Day 4Basics of BGP EVPN Mechanism
Routing Policy and Route Control Mechanisms
Traffic Filtering and Forwarding Path Control Mechanisms
[Lab] Routing Policy and Route Control Mechanisms
Day 5Introduction to Typical Campus Networks
Implementation and Configuration of RSTP Protocol
Implementation and Configuration of MSTP Protocol
[Lab] Configuration of RSTP and MSTP Protocols
Day 6Stack and CSS Functionalities in Switches
Basics of IP Multicast
Implementation and Configuration of IGMP Protocol
Implementation and Configuration of PIM Protocol
Day 7[Lab] Configuration of Multicasts
Introduction to IPv6
Operation of ICMPv6 and NDP Protocols
Overview of IPv6 Addressing
Day 8Firewall Technology on Huawei Devices
[Lab] Configuration of Huawei Firewall
Features Enhancing Network Device Security
Introduction to VPN Technology
Day 9Introduction to VRF
Implementation and Configuration of BFD
Implementation and Configuration of VRRP
Implementation and Configuration of DHCP
[Lab] Configuration of DHCP and VRRP Protocols
Introduction to Network Management Protocols
Day 10Deployment of Extensive WLANs
[Lab] Configuration of WLANs
Introduction to Enterprise Datacom Solutions

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